Building a new home or even an extension to your existing domain is a process that could affect your lifestyle for years to come. It is vital that you deal with a contractor that understands your personal needs and lifestyle. With varying degrees of experience in the domestic market, Axle Projects is sensitive to your living standards and requirements, as well as knowledge In structural solutions to achieving goals of design aspects. An architectural background gives John the advantage of advising on the practical utilization of space but keeping in line whit the design parameters. With expertise covering a vast scope from engineered raft foundations, all wet works and structural concrete, roofing and a variety of specialized finishes, you can be sure that Axle Projects will deliver a complete and professional product to satisfy your needs.



Axle Projects has built various retail stores including pharmacies, health spas, art galleries, fast food stores, restaurants and cocktail lounges. All services are implemented in the project, depending on the varying requirements of the store. Our service includes the sourcing and installation of the necessary equipment and operational tools for your business. Recommendations and advice is offered on what finishing materials work better to ensure durability through high traffic volumes and unusual amounts of wear and tear. With extensive experience in the construction of high profile restaurants, small food outlets and evening entertainment venues, we understand the requirements to ensure efficient operation of a bustling retail store.


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All businesses have different needs, yet one of the key requirements to the success of a business is the office environment. When office workers have a practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing work spacethey can be more productive and clients will also feel confident and at ease in a relaxing, yet professional environment when visiting you.Our design services range from eye-catching features in the reception and boardroom areas, to cost efficient finishes in the overall work space. We offer services in drywall partitioning, light-weight ceilings, flush-plaster ceilings and bulkheads, kitchens and canteen areas, counter fittings and furniture, various floor finishes, air conditioning, network installations, electronic access and lighting. Axle Projects also offers a maintenance service for the smooth operation of your offices after the initial build.